Why buy at Bimini Bay?

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How far are you from Disney?
We are 7 1/2 miles west of Disney’s main gate and only 3 miles from the new gate.

Where in Davenport are you located?
We are right on US Highway 27 on the southbound side, about ¼ mile south where 27 intersects with 192.

How long does it take to get to downtown Orlando from you?
It takes about 35-40 minutes to get to downtown Orlando.

When will the project be completed?
We are anticipating that it will be complete the first quarter of 2009.

How many units are there on the property?
There will be 90 buildings total, with 4 units per building totaling 360 units. Each of the 360 units then has a main unit and a lockout unit.

What will the restaurants be like?
In the lobby area we plan to have an Italian restaurant with seating for 200 and a fine Steak House seating 70. In this area we will have a nice bar and seating area to enjoy.

The food court will have a deli, bakery, pizza shop, grill, coffee bar, and ice cream shop in addition to a gourmet grocery store and seating for over 300.

The Pub will have a bar and grill with seating for over 200 with an outside lagoon dining room overlooking the fish pond and water fall. On top of the water fall will be a band stand for outdoor entertainment.

What other areas will be featured?
There will be a wedding chapel and hidden tropical pond on the island where the water slides are located. There will also be a band shell and grassed area for evening entertainment. There will be two hot tubs on the island and a third under the waterfall area in a cave. The Theater building will have two stadium type 120 seat theaters and will have an ice cream shop and snack bar in it. The Pool area will have an outside bar with covered seating. There will be a snack bar by the pool as well.


What will the water park be like?
The water park will be nicer than any other resort water park in the area. It will have a lazy river theme for fun activities so it will be more than just a lazy river. It will have waterfalls, shooting cannons of water, surprise water drops, mock water fighting and interactive water sports.

How high will the slides be?
The water slides will be 32 feet high with a wooden tower leading up to them surrounded by palm trees so that it seems you are in the jungle looking out of the palms. One of the slides will be a double circle partially covered, another will be a straight drop and the third will be an open reverse double slide. All three will go into a lagoon separated from the lazy river.

What will the pools be like?
All will be walk in pools with one end the pool like a beach and you enabling you to walk into the water and it gets deeper and deeper as you go farther in. One pool will be for water activity sports and have a rope crossing on floating pads and other fun activities. It will be separated from the adult area as far as possible.
There will be a toddler pool that is very shallow for just cooling off. There will be a third pool for adults with lots of lounge chairs. All three pools will be connected to the lazy river.

Will there be a play area for children?
Yes we will have a children's water park with fountains and lots of water games as well as a regular children's playground.

What will the theme of the pool area be?
It will be tropical with hundreds of palms and tropical plants spread throughout to give it a real island feel.

What other features will the water park have?
It will have a tall rock waterfall with an area on top for bands and a cave grotto with a hot tub in it. There will be a bridge to the island and a wedding chapel by a secluded lagoon. It will also have a band shell on it facing a grassy knoll for evening music. There will be a third hot tub on the island, three slides, three themed pool areas, a 600ft long lazy river, and a 3,000 sq. ft childrens interactive play area with over 70 springs and toys.

How big is the clubhouse?
It will be over 64,000 square feet plus porches and covered driveways

What will it cost to use the park?
No charge for residents and guests for using the water park. There are a few items that will be offered at an additional charge such as food, drink etc. There will also be available for rent lockers, lounge chair lockers, cabanas and special chairs for massages by the pool in cabanas. There will be free misters in some locations and misters for rent in others.


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